Value of Innovation

This interactive website was created on a tight deadline of 1 month! However, that didn't stop us from creating it with parallax, and javascript animations!

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Aim at Melanoma

Site redesign where we focused on modernizing the look and feel as well as making it fully responsive and legacy browser compatible.

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Celgene Medical Information

Coded website with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Optimized for browsers, fully responsive, and implemented in wordpress.

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The Inside Scoop

I am a Front End Web Developer hailing from Union, NJ. In 2011, I earned my Bachelors of Science in Web Design from Andrews University in Michigan.

While at Andrews, I was an active member of the campus community. I used my passion and skills to design and maintain websites for numerous organizations, including the Andrews University Student Association, Envision Magazine, and the Student Movement newspaper. I also brought my talent to various clubs and individual students.

I am drawn to the Web because it is constantly evolving upward, just as I am. It's fluidity and opportunity drives me to research new designs and programming techniques for the websites I build. It keeps me interested and always on my toes.

During my spare time, I rock out on the drums. Gospel, jazz, and R&B are my favorite genres of music, and am currently playing at local churches. Music is a major inspiration, so you can usually find me with headphones on, jamming to the latest tunes.



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